Bellaire Buzz

Through a Different Lens

By Tracy L. Barnett, Contributing Writer
July 2012

It’s probably safe to say there’s not an oilman alive who sees the world quite like him. Bob Schwartz began traveling the globe in the 1970s as an engineer for a major oil company, his travels taking him on extensive jaunts through the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Schwartz’ eye for color and texture developed over time, but he was always a compassionate observer of the human condition, a penchant that led to some poignant imagery

as he made his way from the Persian Gulf to the South China Sea, from the Indian Ocean to the Mekong Delta, from the Caribbean to the Amazon. Old women making their way through the markets, old men gazing into the distance, street children selling their wares – all become art in the lens of Bob Schwartz.

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